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Current Work

My career blends academic research with meaningful application in practice. I am not smart enough to solve abstract theoretical problems in isolation. I start with a real problem at a company, solve that problem, and then write up the work. When successful, I write an applied paper that documents the solution approach we implemented and an academic paper that establishes a proper theoretical foundation for the generalized work.

I will paraphrase a quote from Karl Kempf, Intel Senior Fellow, that guides my research philosophy:

We write for two reasons. First, to document for others what we have done. Second, to prove to ourselves that we understand what we think we understand.

The second reason drives my work. Even the “simplest” operations problem is complicated and nuanced. I have spent the past 20 years trying to understand how to effectively and efficiently solve these problems.

If there is a problem you would like to discuss in more detail, I would welcome the conversation. All of my email addresses go to the same inbox, including this one.